Unlocking Cellular Health: IoNovo Iodine Spray for a Vibrant Life!

Iodine is one of nature’s finest antivirals. Iodine is one of the 25 crucial elements we have to have in our body. Iodide is what is required by the body to produce T3 T4 hormones. When you take an Iodine product it will interact with the bacteria and become Iodide, the micronutrient form.

30 trillion (+) cells in your body require Iodine daily to be healthy, and function normally. The element, which is used by the body and the only one that can cycle to different forms where and when needed to keep us safe, healthy and repair us at a cellular level, is Iodine.

In the first 90 days our customers have reported benefits like: more energy, reduced brain fog, fewer colds & flus, weight loss, reduced pain and inflammation and better sleep.

Yes! You need Iodine from conception onward and our Iodine products are protocol based and safe for all ages.

Clinical studies have shown that when you have Iodine/Iodide on your skin it opens the nrf2 pathways to generate new cells. This has a fortifying effect on skin and whatever is not required by the cells goes into the thyroid to produce hormones.

All of our products are pure molecular Iodine and distilled water. There are NO extra chemicals, carriers or surfactants (plastics).

Yes! A number of well respected doctors and homeopaths have repurposed our IoNovo Iodine Gold Label product (at 15 sprays a day for 7 days) to treat patients with a variety of ailments. They then continued with 5 sprays a day to stay healthy. Dr. Joe Varon (MD, FACP, FCCP, FCCM) has been called “The busiest Covid Doctor in America (CNN, The Washington Post & BBC). He is the Chief of Critical Care Service and Covid 19 Unit at Houston’s United Memorial Medical Center. Dr. Varon has been treating patients with Covid 19, influenza, RSV and strep throat with IoNovo Iodine. Within 1-3 days patients are symptom free and 100% satisfied. There are a growing list of doctors and homeopaths using IoNovo Iodine with much success.

Yes, you can take too much, and most Iodine products on the market are high dosing and not to be used daily. Under normal conditions your body will excrete excess Iodine. IoNovo Iodine is the only microdosing product on the market, and is formulated to use daily. You cannot overdose on IoNovo Iodine when following RDA.

Yes! It is safe to take all IoNovo Iodine products at recommended protocols for RDA while on other supplements or prescription medications.

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